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Business Travel Agency, Corporate Travel Planning,
Corporate Travel Planners, Atlanta, Georgia

Services We Provide

Airline and Ticket Sales

We are here to guide you through the complex system of purchasing and availability. At Buckhead Travel Partners, we guarantee the absolute lowest price availability at the time of purchase.

  • Guaranteed best seating available
  • Automatic upgrades for eligible passengers
  • Personalized service in a speedy and reliable manner

Hotel and Car Reservations

We are able to arrange hotel and car reservations worldwide. With the reservation system, Amadeus, we can have the world at our fingertips.

International Ticketing and Consolidation

Our in-house international specialists have been selling corporate and international travel for 15 years. We can advise the best time and way to buy your tickets. Buckhead Travel Partners stays up-to-date with changing airline/airport security procedures on both domestic and international flights.

Airline Tickets
Airline Tickets
Airline Tickets
Services We Provide
  • Airline tickets - $35 per ticket
    Note: For personal reservations of three or more, a maximum of $40 will be charged.
  • Corporate/Client Activity Report: $120-$300 Corporate
  • Meetings/Events: Determined on a case-by-case basis
  • Hotel and Car reservations - free
Services We Provide

Q- Do you have a fee?

A- Yes, it is US$35.00 dollars per ticket issued.

Q- Do you charge to make car or hotel reservations?

A- No, we charge only for airline tickets issued.

Q- What is the advantage of booking with your company?

A- Service. If you book a flight on Orbitz or Priceline and your flight is cancelled or has a weather delay or any other interruption, it is very difficult to get prompt attention and a resolution to your problem. When you work with our company, we help you solve travel problems.

Q- Do you book international travel?

A- Yes, we book air travel for anywhere in the world.

Q- Do you book travel for individuals?

A- Yes, we book travel for individuals as well as for groups and companies.

Q- What makes you different from other companies?

A- Service. We know our clients on a first name basis and take care of them that way. Our clients are valuable to us and we treat them accordingly. Experience also sets us apart. We have been in the travel business for over 17 years and although it is an ever- changing industry, our experience is of tremendous value to our customers.

Q- Do you have 24-hour service?

A- A cell phone number is provided to all of our clients and they are invited to call in the event of an emergency at anytime. We operate on laptops and are virtually always available to assist our passengers in the event of an emergency.

Q- How do we set up an account to do business with you?

A- It is easy to do business with our company. We can take the pertinent information from you over the phone or we can e-mail you a profile and you can either e-mail it back or fax it back to us.

Q- Can you provide references?

A- Yes, we have a long list of loyal clients. We can provide you phone numbers and contact information from some of our long-time clients and you can ask about our service history with them.

Q- Do you do corporate travel?

A- Yes, we do corporate travel almost exclusively. We happily handle leisure travel for our existing corporate customers, but leisure travel is not our specialty.

Q- Do you handle upgrades for your travelers?

A- Yes, we can request upgrades from the airlines, and check upgrade space for travelers.

Q- Can you issue tickets using miles from a frequent flyer program?

A- We cannot issue the tickets but we can check availability with the airlines and have them issued on your behalf.

Q- Do you ticket all airlines?

A- Yes, we do business with all commercial airlines.

Q- Do you check prices on all airlines?

A- We check for the best available fare in our reservation system and allow the customer to make the choice of which airline they want to fly. We will also advise if cheaper fares are available on a slightly different schedule than requested.

Q- Can you book group charter flights for us?

A- Yes, we can book group charter flights for those who want this type of air travel and are willing to pay the costs.

Q- Do you offer Corporate/Client Activity Reports?

A- Yes, we offer customized reports on monthly, quarterly or annual basis. Reporting charges are determined by number transactions and number of reports requested.

Q- Do you handle Corporate Event Planning?

A- Yes, we are happy to assist you with corporate events and meetings. We can assist with location/property selection, provide arrival/departure manifests, negotiate hotel rates, arrange transfers, select meals,and reserve meeting space, and provide an on-site representative.